Smarter On D Road 2017

The Interact clubs of Naparima College, ASJA Boys College San Fernando, San Fernando Central Secondary School and Parvati Girls Hindu School joined forces to make their communities Smarter on D Road. This event took place on Wednesday 15th February at the Auditorium of Naparima College.

This intervention was especially significant as the Carnival season is upon us.

Their focus was not only drunk driving, but increasing awareness of other road safety issues like texting and walking/driving, crossing the roads, the use of pavements, and defensive driving to name a few.

Parvati Girls’ Hindu College displayed posters that depicted road safety tips through the use of drawings and warning signs.
While there were other minor themes, they focused on complying to the speed limit, dangers of driving under the influence and the importance of seat belts. Pedestrians were also advised to pay attention to their surroundings and avoid the use of distractions such as cell phones and headsets.
They also stressed on the use of zebra crossings and staying visible to avoid being a victim of road fatality.
For the collaboration event of Smarter on D road, the Naparima College Interact Club created pledge charts as their personal project to display. This incorporated two pledges; both as a driver and a pedestrian whereby participants and members of the program would have read these pledges to abide by the road regulations as both a driver and pedestrian and then sign the chart as proof of commitment.
After taking the pledge, they would be given a free Smarter on D’ road pin complimentary of the Naparima College Interact Club as an added incentive to abide by the laws and take extra road safety measures.